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What foods are good for your health?

Meet the 114-year-old man who said these 5 foods kept him alive for so long.

Bernando LaPallo was born in 1901 and died in 2015. He gave credit for his long life to healthy eating. His daily menu contained a lot of organic vegetables and fruits. But there were 5 special foods that he considered to be key ingredients.

1. Cinnamon (the queen of spices)

Cinnamon is not only a delicious spice, it is also known for its medicinal properties. It fights cancer, heart disease, bacterial and fungal infections. It can also help in fighting the HIV virus.

2. Chocolate (a gift from heaven)

This food has a variety of positive benefits, from lowering cholesterol to preventing cognitive decline and overcoming stress. Plus, who doesn't love chocolates?

3. Garlic (a natural antibiotic)

Garlic is a powerhouse natural food that helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease, lowers the risk of heart failure, detoxes the body and fights different illnesses.

4. Honey (a remedy for all diseases)

This wonderful bee-made product has been used for more than 5,000 years. It is a natural healing remedy for a whole host of conditions. Known for its antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, honey is so versatile, it also used for cosmetic purposes.

5. Olive oil (the oil of life)

Olive oil (especially extra virgin olive oil) is rich with healthy, monounsaturated fats that keep our brain and heart healthy. Plus, olive oil helps cognitive functions, contains large amounts of antioxidants and may even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer.

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