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What causes pain on the left side of my neck?

Your neck moves a lot, so it's a part of your body that is especially prone to strain and injury. Pain can occur on either the left or right side of your neck. As it connects to other parts of your body, neck pain can often lead to pain in other areas of your body, including shoulders, arms, back, jaw and head.

Some causes of neck pain include:

Muscle strain

Do you use the computer or smartphone for long periods of time? Or do you drive over long distances or engage in certain work or hobbies that restrict neck movements?

These actions cause the muscles in your neck to weaken. When that happens, your neck joint becomes stiff, makes contact with the nerves, resulting in pain.

Poor sleeping position

After sleeping in an unusual position, especially if you sleep on your stomach, you may find yourself with a neck pain. Sleeping with too many pillows can also cause neck pain as your head and neck are not aligned with the rest of your body.

Your mattress plays an important role here as well. If it is too soft, it can cause the alignment between your head and neck to be off as well.

Bad posture

Poor posture directly affects the muscles near your neck and your shoulders, all through your spin. The longer you maintain poor posture, the more acute the problem becomes, leading to more pain.

Other sources of neck pain

Neck pain can also be associated with an accident, a high fever, and symptoms such as pain in your arms and legs, or a headache.

Regardless of the cause, if pain continues to persists, you should get a diagnosis from a doctor as soon as possible.

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