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How do I motivate myself to lose weight?

To be sure, it's not easy to get yourself motivated to lose weight. It's even more difficult to follow through, and do it consistently.

The right start can really be a big help. So if you really want to get motivated to get on this amazing journey, here are 7 things that will make your path easier and more successful.

1. Motivate yourself properly

What usually motivates you?

Do you visualize a perfectly shaped version of yourself?

If you said yes, that's where the problem begins. You have not taken into account setbacks and mistakes. And because of that, you tend to give up easily when trying to meet obstacles.

So what's a better way?

Two things.

First, think about the benefits. Second, analyze the obstacles. This allows you to find out what you really want, but also gets you prepared for difficulties. If you are prepared for them from the start, it will give you motivation in the long-term.

2. Analyze your previous tries or failures

Ask yourself why you have failed before. Make a short list of possible reasons, like:

  • Unrealistic goals or no goals

  • Crash dieting

  • Distractions

  • Lack of meal and exercise planning

  • Waiting for visible results in a short-term period

  • Wrong diet

  • Add your reasons here

This allows you to keep track and avoid previous mistakes.

3. Develop a meal plan

Structured meal plans (including grocery lists) can make a whole lot of difference. Don't be lazy. Spend a few hours and develop a menu that can give you the result you want. If your knowledge in this area is not sufficient, start with these suggestions.

4. Move on to an exercise plan

The most effective weight loss strategy combines both diet and exercise. Find a physical activity that you're interested in and do that. The two main ways of burning fat are cardio (walking, running, swimming, cycling) or lifting weights.

5. Find out which habits will help you succeed

Certain behaviors will help you in your journey. For example, if you include eggs for breakfast, it will enhance weight loss. Drinking 1500 ml of water above your daily intake is another effective strategy as well.

Be aware of temptations. Do you find it difficult to ignore the bowl of candies in your office? Make it less visible and out of your eye sight.

6. It's okay to fail

Mistakes are part of learning. Don't be afraid of setbacks and just remember your goals. The next time you try again, your commitment would be stronger.

7. Reward yourself

Even a tiny reward can motivate us to go the extra mile. If you feel that your motivation starts to dwindle, relax. Take time to analyze how far you've come, make some adjustments to your plan and reward yourself with something nice. Then come back with renewed energy.

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