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How dangerous is sugar to our health?

Here are 7 scary and dangerous things sugar does to your health.

1. Sugar may shorten lifespan

In a study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, researchers made an startling discovery: drinking a 20-ounce soda on a daily basis is equivalent of 4.6 years of cell aging, the same as smoking cigarettes. Cell aging is linked to shorter lifespan in numerous other studies.

2. Sugar spikes your insulin

Intake of sugar causes the immediate release of more insulin in the body, to regulate blood sugar. Sugars in beverages get absorbed in the body very quickly, which leads to a rapid increase in insulin levels. Over time, this leads to insulin resistance, which paves the way for dangerous metabolic problems down the road.

3. Sugar makes you gain weight

Your body stores excess sugar as fat, leading to weight gain and obesity, which in turn, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown a direct relationship between amount of sugar taken with weight gain.

4. Sugar ups your blood pressure and heart disease risk

High intake of sugar decreases HDL (good cholesterol) that protects against heart problems. The best advice you can give someone with heart disease is to cut sugar.

5. Sugar can leave you still hungry

As you're not really getting any real nutrients when you eat sugar, you may still feel hungry. Your body doesn't recognize that you're already full. End result, you end up eating more calories overall.

6. Sugar makes your brain suffer

The research on this is piling up. Sugar in soda is bad for your brain. High-sugar diet leads to cognitive impairment, including memory problems. Researchers are identifying a worrying link between sugar and the onset of early Alzheimer's disease.

7. Sugar raises your risk of depression

It could make your depression worse. High levels of sugar leads to spikes and an eventual downward crash to your glucose levels. When your glucose level crashes, it worsens mood, makes your more agitated and disrupts your sleeping pattern.

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