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Can egg white mask whiten skin?

It does seem unusual that something as simple as eggs can be good for the skin, but there's actually a good reason for it. Egg whites happen to contain two important ingredients: protein and collagen.

These two ingredients work together to improve the skin tone and maintain its elasticity. They fight inflammation (great if you have acne issues), and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. And yes, they're suitable for all skin types.

If you're looking for something that is all-natural, consider using an egg white mask. The mask can be easily made at home or done professionally. In fact, the use of egg white mask is increasing in popularity in high end spas all over the world. One big reason for that is that egg whites, being natural, does not contain harsh side effects that ingredients like retinol and alpha hydroxy acids sometimes cause.

An egg white mask is typically made from raw eggs that have had their yolks removed. The whites of the egg are then mixed into a frothy foam (sometimes along with other natural ingredients), spread over the face, until they dry. Once the mask is dried, they're washed away, revealing skin that appears softer, whiter and firm in texture!

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