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Can aloe vera lighten dark skin patches?

Aloe vera is nature's gift when it comes to our skin. Its healing properties diminishes dark spots over time, by rejuvenating the underlying skin cells with no dangerous, unintentional side effects.

If you have dark skin patches on your body, treat them with aloe vera. First, it prevents the area from getting worse. Second, it helps to fade the darken area. I have included some additional questions that you might have when it comes to using aloe vera correctly.

1. How do you use aloe vera?

If you have an aloe plant, you can use it in raw form. Take an aloe leaf and cut a small portion. Peel off the outer layer to reveal the flesh of the aloe plant. If you don't have an aloe plant, there are a lot of readily-available aloe vera gel in the market, which you can find in any pharmacy or drug store. They work the same.

Apply flesh / gel directly on your darken skin path with a cotton ball, about 30 minutes before bedtime. That should give it enough time to dry. Sleep, and rinse the gel off in the morning.

2. Is it appropriate for my skin type?

Aloe vera, as a natural ingredient, is appropriate for all skin types, even (especially) if you have sensitive skin.

3. Can aloe vera cause irritation on my skin?

No, except for rare incidents, aloe vera is a safe and mild ingredient and generally, does not cause irritation on your skin. If you're unsure, try applying small amounts on other parts of your skin first, to see if it causes any problems.

4. How long before I expect to see result?

It depends on your skin tone, and the affected areas. In most people's experiences, you should expect result in a month's time. Aloe vera is a mild ingredient, so while you might not see immediate result, it's completely safe to use, with no side effects.

There are no magic wands to skin care, but if you use what nature gives to us, you will reap the benefits of it for a long time.

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